Selling your clothes through De Ruilhoek

You can bring your own clothes to sell at the Ruilhoek. By doing so, you agree to our terms and conditions. Find a number of guidelines regarding the contribution of clothing below. For a more detailed description of our contribution rules, click here 

If you have any further questions, please contact us!

  • During opening hours you can bring your clothing until 5pm without an appointment. This excludes special events, such as the Super Sale Sunday.
  • For the first time, in order to be included in our customer base, we need to select a minimum of seven items that we find suitable for the store. Once you are in our database, you will no longer need to provide us with a minimum number of pieces.
  • We are quite strict when it comes to taking in clothes. The items have to be representable, clean and ironed. This means no stains, holes or other forms of wear and tear. The more representable, the faster an item will sell.
  • The items are preferably of higher quality brands and not older than two years, so that they fit into current fashion trends. Please note that our criteria are guidelines and that fashion trends are changing every day. We always reserve the right to refuse clothing.

De Ruilhoek is not liable for loss or damage.

We select items per season:

  • Autumn – August to September
  • Winter – October to January
  • Spring – February to April
  • Summer – May to July