Information on modified procedures related to COVID-19:

Our procedures concerning  consignment have been relaxed since the 1st of July. It is now possible to immediately take back the items that are not suitable for re-selling. How does it work?

  1. We use a separate counter for admitting consignment items. This is immediately right upon entering.
  2. Do you want to donate the items that are not suitable for sale to charity? Then we ask you to sign a form. The bags you have admitted will be checked later.
  3. Would you like to take back the items that are not suitable? Then we will check the items right away. This may take a while. To avoid hand-to-hand contact and crowds at the counter, we ask you to shop in the meantime. If you’d rather come back later that same day, that’s fine too. Please let us know when you planned to pick up the unselected items. Please note, items must be picked up before 6:00 PM on the same day! At the end of the day we donate the uncollected items to charity. When you drop off the consignment items, we ask you to sign a form in which you give permission for this.

For shopping: we still keep 1.5 meters distance and have considerably increased the walking space. We limit the number of customers in the store by using a limited number of available baskets. For shopping, we ask you to grab a basket upon entering. If you have a cold or other corona related symptoms, please do stay at home and visit our online shop!