De Ruilhoek takes your privacy very seriously and will process and use information about you (the person concerned) in a secure manner. In this Privacy Statement, we explain which data we process, and for which purpose.

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De Ruilhoek is a second-hand clothing store that works on the basis of consignment. This means that customers remain the legal owner of the clothing they have brought to the store to sell. After the sales and deduction of VAT (10.5%), you receive half of the proceeds as the contributor. If the clothes are not sold, you can choose to pick up the clothes before the deadline or donate to charity.

In order for this process to run smoothly, a customer number must be created. Name and address details are linked to a customer number for identification purposes. In addition, customers must provide an e-mail address so that they can receive a PDF file with an overview of the clothing that the customer has submitted. Customers also receive a reminder mail with a date, if they want to pick up unsold clothing. Contact can also be made through the mail, if necessary.

The personal data provided by the customers and the e-mail address are not used by third parties, nor provided by De Ruilhoek or De Ruilhoek Online to third parties.

The only exception concerns De Ruilhoek Online, where it is necessary for the implementation of the agreement to provide details to the postal company that delivers the clothing.

Customers receive the De Ruilhoek newsletter by e-mail. In addition, non-contributing customers, who therefore do not have a customer number, can indicate on the website whether they wish to receive the newsletter.

One can unsubscribe from the newsletter at the bottom of the newsletter at any time via the link included. In addition, customers can view their accounts with their customer numbers online and adjust data. When managing the name and address data, it can be indicated whether customers wish to receive a newsletter.