The Ruilhoek opened its doors more than 40 years ago. What started as a good idea, has become a well known concept in the neighborhood and beyond. We have built up a large customer base with loyal ‘Ruilhoekers’ who visit the store for shopping, a chat or to bring items.

A lot has changed over the years. Not only the appearance of the store and the transition from the old-fashioned card index to a computer system, but also our convictions have undergone a considerable metamorphosis. Where we used to be primarily a place where you could score a nice outfit, we now find it very important as well to promote recycling and to prevent overproduction. Why would you want to buy something ‘new’ if there are already so many beautiful things. In our own way, we try to give a counter-sound to all the big fast fashion violence in the city.

De Ruilhoek stands for:

  • a pleasant and affordable way of creating your own style and identity
  • to offer a second life to items that were left hanging in the closet or were thrown away
  • sustainability, and we are constantly trying to develop ourselves further
  • being an important link between buyer and seller
  • high quality and following the latest trends
  • a wide offer. You are in the right place for both a vintage designer item and the latest Zara collection.