De Ruilhoek has been one of the largest second-hand clothing stores since the late 1970s, with brand and designer clothing for women and men. The daily changing collection is strictly selected. We mainly sell brands from the higher segment. If we have enough space, we will also take the latest collections and more expensive lines from, for example, the Hennes & Mauritz or the Zara.Β 
The guideline is that we price articles for a quarter, to a third, of the original price. We search every brand online and then check what the price is of a similar, new item. The purchasing customer therefore always has a good deal and the contributor (seller) receives a fair amount for his or her contribution.
Online shop
In addition to the physical store, there is also the possibility to buy clothing at the Ruilhoek online. Online you will only find items from top designers, who meet strict criteria. The online items are in our on-site storage so if you inquire about online garments in the store, you can, therefore, fit the items directly in the store. That way you save any shipping costs!
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