Important: our shop is closed due to the government policy regarding COVID-19.

It is not possible to drop off items for consignment.

However our webshop is fully operational and you can also buy items via our Instagram account!


  • For the first time, in order to be included in our customer base, we need to select a minimum of seven items that we find suitable for the store. Once you are in our database, you will no longer need to provide us with a minimum number of pieces.
  • As soon as a customer number has been created, you will receive an e-mail containing a password.
  • With this you can log in on our website, , and follow the whole process online. After your first log in, you will be able to change your password.
  • We strive to price articles within 3-7 days. Depending on how busy it is, this can sometimes take a little longer. You will receive a detailed confirmation by mail with an overview of all entries. The clothes go into the store immediately after pricing. If there is something in the confirmation e-mail that you do not agree with, it’s advised to send us an e-mail as soon as possible. The items are in the store for the remainder of the month in which it was contributed, plus two extra months.
  • Once an item is sold we first deduct VAT, which is 10.5%, afterwards both parties receive half of the proceeds. The accumulated balance can be transferred from € 20 onwards via bank. We can also transfer the balance in store with a PIN transaction onto your debit card. Of course you can also settle the balance with your in-store purchase.
  • You can pick up unsold items before the deadline or donate to a charity of our choice. If you choose to pick up the clothes, you will have to take them out of the store yourself. You will receive a reminder from us one week before the end of your term, but you remain responsible yourself. So pay attention, the e-mail can also go to the spam folder.


We apply a strict selection. The clothing must be clean and ironed and look representable. That means no stains, holes or other forms of wear and tear. The more representable, the faster an item will sell.

  • We select items per season: Autumn – August to September, Winter – October to January, Spring – February to April, Summer – May to July.
  • The items are preferably of higher quality brands and not older than two years, so that they fit into current fashion trends. Please note that our criteria are guidelines and that fashion trends are changing every day. We always reserve the right to refuse clothing.

De Ruilhoek is not liable for loss or damage.


We use a separate submission desk. This is immediately to the right upon entry. Here you can hand in the bags with consignment articles.

  • Do you want to donate the items that are not suitable for sale to charity? Then we ask you to sign a form. We will check the bags you have handed in at a later time.
  • Would you like to take back the items that are not suitable? Then we will check the items immediately. This may take a while. To avoid hand-to-hand contact and pressure at the counter, we ask you to shop in the meantime. If you’d rather come back later that same day, that’s fine too. Please let us know when you plan to pick up the unselected items. Please note, the items must be collected on the same day before 6:00 PM! At the end of the day, we donate items that have not been collected to charity. When handing over the bags, we ask you to sign a form in which you consent to this.

For shopping: we still keep 1.5 meters away and have significantly increased the walking space for that. We limit the number of customers in the store by means of a limited number of available baskets. To shop, we ask you to grab a basket upon arrival. If you have a cold or other corona related symptoms, stay at home and visit our online shop!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!