Question I would like to sell clothes though De Ruilhoek. How does this work?

In order to become a customer, we use a minimum of at least 7 items that are suitable for sale during the first time of contribution. We are very critical and therefore advise you to bring enough pieces. We check whether items are suitable for sale. We pay attention to both the brand and the state of clothing. In addition, it is important that the item fits into the fashion trend and it is preferably not older than two years. When you sell your clothes you receive, after a deduction of 10.5% VAT, half of the sales price. For an extensive version of our contribution rules, we would like to refer you to the heading of extensive rules.

Question Do you have to make an appointment, if i want to sell clothes?

You can bring clothes to the store, where it will be judged for suitability, every day until 17:00. You can make an appointment via our website or register in the shop via a QR code.

Question Do you also buy items?

No, we do not buy any items. Items are hanging on a consignment basis in the store. When an item is sold, you will receive half of the sales price after deduction of 10.5% VAT.

Question What do I earn from my clothing if I sell it through you?

When an item is sold, you will receive half of the sales price after deduction of 10.5% VAT.

Question How long will my clothes stay in the store?

The clothing are in the store the remainder of the month in which they are taken in, plus two extra months.

Question What happens to my unsold clothing?

If the items are not sold at the end of the term, you can choose to pick them up. Mind you, you will have to take the items out of the store yourself. In case you do not wish the have your items back, you can just simply leave them in the store. We then look at each article to see if we can re-price the item, keep it separate for the Super Sale or donate it to the charity. However, most of the items are donated to charity due to a lack of space.

Question How can I collect my balance?

Our preference is for a bank transfer. This is possible from an amount of € 20 onwards. If desired, you can also collect your credit in cash in the store. Please note that for this you must first make an appointment, if it is a large amount. Of course you can also settle the balance with your in-store purchase.

Question How do you decide on prices?

Each item is individually priced.  We first look up the new price of this specific item or a similar article. Our sales price is one quarter or one third of the original retail price. For example:  if the original retail price of an item is 100 euros we will probably price it 25 to 32 euros.

Question What are the rules when you want to sell clothes through De Ruilhoek

For more information on selling clothes through De Ruilhoek we kindly refer you to our terms and conditions page.

Question Do you also accept vintage items?

It really depends on the item. We generally focus on more recently bought secondhand clothes, so you won’t find a lot of vintage clothing in our store. Of course we would happily make an exception for vintage designer items. Besides, a lot of vintage items sell quite well if they fit into the current fashion trends. This might differ per item, so it’s difficult to give you a general conclusion. If you have any vintage items, feel free to drop by.

Question Which brands do you or do you not take in/accept?

The items we take in are preferably of higher quality brands. But more importantly, we focus on the current fashion trends. This means that the brands in our store can range from Zara to Gucci. Fashion trends are constantly changing, which means that we also have to change our criteria. But the most important thing we look at is if items can be sold quickly.

Some examples of brands that are quite popular at the moment: & Other Stories, Ganni, Sandro, Baum und Pferdgarten, H&M Studio, Maje, Isabel Marant, Helmut Lang, Dries van Noten, Nike, Adidas, Patta, Levis and others.

Some examples of brands that we do not take in: Esprit, Mexx, Primark, C&A, Desigual, WE, Sting, Dept, Vila, Vero Moda, Gaastra, Superdry and others.

Question Is there a minimum or maximum amount of items you can bring within one session?

For the first time, in order to be included in our customer base, we need to select a minimum of seven items that we find suitable for the store. Once you are in our database, you will no longer need to provide us with a minimum number of pieces. There is no maximum amount of items that you can bring within one session. But if you’re unsure, feel free to give us a call beforehand.

Question Do you have to take seasons into account when you want to sell clothes through De Ruilhoek?

Yes, we do select items per season!

Autumn – August to September

Winter – October to January

Spring – February to April

Summer – May to July

Question I would like to visit your store to shop, is that possible?

Absolutely! We have set opening hours, so there is no need to make an appointment. Monday until Friday we are open from 09:00 until 18:00 and on Saturdays we are open from 10:30 until 18:00.

Please mind that you can only drop off clothes until 17:00 every day.

Question Can you only exchange clothes or is it also possible to buy items?

The name might be a bit misleading, but De Ruilhoek is a store like any other in the sense that you can just purchase clothing without having to exchange them for your own.

Question What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are:

Monday to Friday from 9:00 until 18:00

Saturdays from 10:30 until 18:00

Please mind that you can only drop off clothes until 17:00 every day.

Question Are you open every Sunday?

We are closed on Sundays, with the exception of Super Sale Sunday.

Question Where is the store located?

Maasstraat 146

1079 BK Amsterdam

Our store is easily accessible by car and with public transport. Bus 65 and tram 5 both stop very close by. In the Maasstraat you can park your for one hour for just €0,10.

Question What kind of items does De Ruilhoek sell?

De Ruilhoek sells secondhand women’s and men’s clothing. You can find shoes, accessories such as bags, jewelry and unused cosmetics in our assortment.  We mainly focus on more high-quality brands, but you will also be able to purchase items from Zara

Question Is it possible to return items?

Absolutely! Items can be returned within 7 days as long as the price tag is still attached. Returns are only possible if the items are in the exact same condition as they were when purchased. Items that have been worn, can no longer be returned. In exchange, you will receive a voucher with store credit that is valid for exactly one year.

Question Does De Ruilhoek only sell secondhand clothing?

We only sell items that have been provided by private parties. But often you will find something that still has the original price tags. These can be items that have provided by PR agencies, influencers or celebrities.

Question Do the prices of items ever get reduced?

All items will be in the store for approximately two months, Unsold items usually get picked up before their deadline. Exceptionally we will decide to reduce the prices of items and extend their stay. In addition, we have Super Sale Sunday every two or three months. On this day we sell a carefully selected stock with a 66% discount. These are unsold items from our previous stock.

Question Is your stock on the website the same as in the store?

No! The items on our website cannot be found in our store. Both have different stock. Our physical store has a much bigger assortment with a wider range of brands.

On our website, we mainly focus on more exclusive brands and designer items. But in our physical store, you will also be able to find items from the last collections of & Other Stories and Zara for example.

Question Is it possible to try on the items on the website in the store?

Absolutely! The stock available on our website can be taken from our back office and tried on in our physical store at any time. If you provide us with the corresponding article number that is mentioned at the bottom of the webpage, this way it will be much easier for us to find the item you are looking for.

Question How much is shipping?

€5,95 for shipping in The Netherlands
€9,- for shipping to Belgium.

Question What is your return policy regarding the items on the online store?

Items can be returned within 14 days after purchase. Orders can either be returned via shipping or in our store in the Maasstraat. In the case of shipment, all shipping costs are to be paid the customer. Please note that either the price tag or packing slip needs to be enclosed in the package.

Return address

De Ruilhoek, Maasstraat 146


Tel: 020-6425521

Once we’ve received your order in good condition we will transfer the full purchase amount to your bank account.

Please note that this is only possible for online purchases. Items that were purchased in our store can only be returned within 7 days, with the corresponding price tag attached. The paid amount will be refunded as store credit.

In case of a return, please send us an e-mail to with your reason for returning and how you will be returning your purchased item. Please note that either the price tag or packing slip needs to be enclosed in the package.

Question How does shipping of the items of the online store work?

We strive to send out your order within 3 working days after confirmation. Delivery is only possible to a residential address within The Netherlands and Belgium. For international shipping please feel free to contact us.

Did you receive the wrong item, do you have a complaint or you want to be refunded? Please feel free to contact us as well.

Shipping costs:

€5,95 for shipping within The Netherlands

€9 for shipping to Belgium

Free shipping from €100

Question What happens to parcels that cannot be deliverd?

If a parcel cannot be delivered, you will always receive a notification. If necessary, De Ruilhoek is entitled to charge €5,95 or €9,- (Belgium) to successfully return the order to our return address.